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Independent GP-S Bearing Review

At Stoked 2 Sk8, we sell a lot of bearings, Bones Reds are hands down the most popular of the lot with Bronson G2’s being a distant second.

I wanted to bring in another affordable option, especially one that could be sold individually vs a complete set of 8. Thought we’d give these a shot.

I like to try new product out when I can, so I decided to throw a set on and give them a shot. All I can say is Holy S@#t! Right out of the gate these feel amazing for the money. I’ve predominately been skating Bones Reds the past year and have loved them. I’ve tried Bronson G2’s and they didn’t do anything for me, felt grainy in my opinion. The Indy GP-S’s however, felt just as smooth as Reds.

So from a cost perspective, Bones Reds retail for $18, Bronson G2’s - $16 and Indy GP-2’s, $1.25ea or $10 a set. I’d say bang for the buck, the Indy’s win hands down.

As for longevity, that remains to be seen. So I’ll be sure to give an update in a month or two. In the meantime, keep rolling…



Manufacture Details:

  • Dust proof metal outer shield

  • Faster ad more durable Super Cage design

  • Micro polished steel races

  • Featured with Shell light oil lubricant

  • Oxidation resistance and corrosion protection

  • Water resistant

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